West Brookfield
Rescue Squad
~ 66Years of Service~
HIPPA Policy
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West Brookfield Rescue Squad, founded in 1952, employs 21 active, licensed EMTs. We have two "type-1" 911 trucks based out of our West Main St. Headquarters, we proudly serve the community of West Brookfield with 24/7 emergency services as well as pre-scheduled non-emergency transport.

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 We are a private, not for profit, company listed as 501C3
We provide a "Tax-Free" service to the residents of West Brookfield
The West Brookfield Rescue Squad currently has 21 active EMT's
The Town of West Brookfield recieved 791 emergency calls last year
We are licensed as an EMERGENCY TRANSPORT AMBULANCE. We are able to provide NON - EMERGENCY TRANSPORTS. If you have a non-emergency transport, please call 1-508-637-1778.

Our Staff

Dan McCall


Diane Merriam

Board Of Directors-

David Carrington
Eric Allard
Matthew Bonneau
Dan McCall
Diane Merriam
Lori Merriam
Melyssa Taylor


  • Eric Allard
  • Doug Anderson
  • Corrina Barry
  • Matthew Bonneau
  • Natasha Bourdeau
  • David Carrington
  • Bonny Cook
  • Justin Cook
  • Rebecca Dilboy
  • Frank Johnson
  • Abigail Kaczprowicz
  • Brenden Lavallee
  • Dan McCall
  • Diane Merriam
  • Lori Merriam
  • Alanna Servant
  • Kyle Sledziewski
  • Melyssa Taylor
  • Tyler Wade
  • ​Matthew White
  • ​Renee Adams-White

​​ First Responders-
  • Chase Carlson
  • James Lussier
  • Hanna Niemiec
  • Luke Quatrocelli
  • Marlena Zaniewski