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Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

​          The West Brookfield Rescue Squad is looking for your continued support.  The WBRS is a private, non-profit self supporting organization which receives no funding from the town of West Brookfield, nor are we a part of, or governed by, the West Brookfield Fire Department.  Fourteen years ago , we began charging for our services and changed our "Annual Fund Drive" to an "Annual Subscription Drive".  The funds generated through insurance billing and the subscriptions help to offset the ever increasing yearly operating costs.  As a subscriber, your subscription will cover up to $250.00 of any unpaid balance, after insurance payments are received for the emergency services rendered, at any time during the subscription year.  For those who decide not to subscribe, you will be financially responsible for any and all unpaid charges.  (PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Medicaid participant, you will not be billed for any remaining balances per government regulations.  However, we encourage you to support the WBRS with a voluntary donation.)  As a reminder, EMERGENCY SERVICES ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE, REGARDLESS OF YOUR INSURANCE/SUBSCRIPTION STATUS.

​          In 2016 West Brookfield received 597 emergency calls.  We have a dedicated staff of men and women, who train extensively throughout the year to strive to deliver the best service to the residents of West Brookfield.  The WBRS is adapting to the changes within the EMS system, by working to increase our dedicated staff, providing the highest level of training and equipment to meet the community's needs.  Presently we have a paid, voluntary shift sign-up system that provides coverage with two EMT's, as required by law.  We currently operate two ambulance that are fully staffed 24/7.  However, there may be times where we have multiple calls and are not available and mutual aid support from a surrounding town will be called in.  Should you receive a bill, from another EMS provider, your subscription WILL BE honored.  We ask that you mail the bill to the West Brookfield Rescue Squad, PO Box 540, West Brookfield, MA 01585.  

​          We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have made donations and memorials contributions to the Rescue Squad throughout the years.  We continue to rely on support from our community to help us provide the highest quality of emergency care to the residents of West Brookfield for little to no cost.  

We thank you in advance for your continued support.


​West Brookfield Rescue Squad.  
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